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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  February 20, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PST

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. the search is on this morning for a powerball winter here in the bay area. somebody bought a winning ticket worth $425 million. when that winning ticket was sold. >> three years after the brutal beating of brian stow, the major developments expected to take place in just a few happens hours. and live in san francisco, they struck it in the same spot earlier this month and we will tell you what safety improvement rolls in store. . good morning, did you buy a ticket for powerball? >> no buy one
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in milpitas unfortunately but we are live outside of that store, one ticket, dave had all six numbers, but it is thursday, february 20th, i am pam cook. >> i am dave clark, let's talk about weather and traffic. he is a winner too. >> i hope so. sometimes at 230, you are i don't know about that. it will still be on the me 0 warm and it sure looks like around wednesday or so, we might be into that maybe rain category and some of those are rather bully. 37 napa, not listed in there, pleasant hill, other areas, antioch has 49 and other areas
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are on the cool side and that's the end result just not here, we start off mostly clear, high clouds fitterred, near 07 for some and again upper 60s and 70s and we are in this pattern for a few days. at hey, steve if you are driving driving, you can you can see no problem with traffic and on 880 in oakland traffic continues to move well and in lovage, this is the best it will get. 880, 5 minutes and 508 grant line 20 minutes which is about normal high street to 24 on 580
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is 5 minutes, 5:02 let's go back to the desk. we are still waiting to see who will claim that $425 million prize. in milpitas, that is where the winning ticket was sold and somebody who bought a ticket at this milpitas gas station beat those odds. it was sold at the station near 880 and you can see this morning, this is a very popular gas station media all around the country and that pep as not stopped and they are the only people to do so in last night's drawing word came down about
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the powerball winner and they are hoping this will boost ticket sales and they are hoping this could be their lucky spot. >> i usually go down on 7 eleven but i almost always up come here to poo tickets. that is the payout for selling the winning ticket and that winning ticket was sold time between saturday and last night the. he here are the winners from last night's drawing. 1, 17, 35, 49, 54 and the powerball is 4. they will get a lump sum payout of $42 million. not bad. >> not bad at all.
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this is a second huge lottery, and in december, steve strand pout pout it and he forgot he bought the ticket but didn't claim if until early january. they are investigating an vex at a dangerous intersection in the sunset district joining us now with the safety improvements neighbors are now calling for, tara? there is -- >> reporter: there is a yellow flashing light and some say there needs to be a stop and the weddians -- pedestrian was
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rushed to the hospital with a broken leg and he is expected to survive. the driver is cooperating with police. the accident happened at the same spot where ice zack was killed earlier this month. plans for a stoplight have been fast tracked in the wake of the accident but again that will not be installed until 2014 and people who live around here say itings not getting any better and live in san francisco ktvu channel 2 morning news. we are following a major development in the brian stow beating case. it handed out side dodger stadium and they are due to appear at 8:30 this morning. two l.a.
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television stationels reported marvin norwood. they are also expected to be heap to make what is talled a a attends statement. a father of two from santa cruz, his 45th birthday was the last week and he is still recovering from critical head injuries. his family said brian is working hard with them. joseph was walking with an acquaintance tuesday night and he then uttered homo phobic remarks and then when he refused to give him a phone, he then started choking him and took his phone. >> i was surprised because coming from the east coast, you
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always hear of berkeley being very liberal and accepting and it is not something inspected to hear for sure donor was arrested and taken into custody. the new way bridge project is stepping down. richard land said he will retire in april. this comes after other leaders attacked him and they are accused of not telling him about the eastern span. the land did not mention history of theism -- criticism he said he learned about the bridge leak problem from reporters not from caltrans and he said he has been kept in the dark from other trouble. as a result, they want caltrans to provide a complete list of
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all future problems on the new bay bridge. there is new and growing interest in the eastern span of the bay bridge and the pieces are headed for the bridge of steel and another hopes to have public hard place -- art placed around the area. one nations biggest grocery store chains may be up for same. reactions around the bay area on the safe way. they are recovered and returned to the lake county owner, the surprise he found under the hood which made this classic even more valuable. i should look at the
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totino's pizza rolls gets you there in just 60 seconds. ♪ . >> welcome back, police in springfield, missouri is accused of abducting and
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arresting a little girl. investigators say he worked as a teacher's aid and coached at a middle school and former students were stunned to hear of his arrest. >> he was a football coach and he was more quiet, calm and i was in complete shock that he would do something like that to his 10-year-old little girl. >> he was abducted while walking home from a friend's house. it led to an amber alert in three states. a federal judge refused to block a new city law which bands anybody holding more than 10 bullets. the national rifle association filed a lawsuit and they argued the law fights the right to bear arms but law abiding
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citizens rarely need more then 10 arms. those opponents say they will appeal. >> they are changing their strategy when it comes to house fires starting in what is called marijuana grow houses. and in pittsburgh, it is the latest example. in the past two years, firefighters have been fighting 30 fires at grow houses and it creates a dangerous situation? >> when they need to escape they look for windows, they are trapped in here. >> in contra costa they have made a change and if they see ifs agree house they will not go in until paint page turns dark pg&e turns the power off from the outside. >> they turn often the breakers and power is still coming into
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the house. people who live in oakland after a wave of burglaries and shootings. they shot a burglary suspect, also shot, during a home invasion robbery. we have the city down and in the third component it is a problem and it is a good problem but as an officer it is that they have had a reduction in pay. >> homeowners say they have started their own neighborhood watch patrols but wanted to do more to crack down on crime. >> charges have been filed after shooting down on the level but they have been
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charged with a weapons enhancement. time now 5:15. >> a stole leap classic car was returned to him after 30 years and it was in better condition than it was before. this is a beauty, a 1957 chevy bellaire was stolen from his home in 1984 and it was still a classic. they found the car in a container ship bound for awe trail -- australia. wilson said he felt sorry for the person who bought it but he appreciated the workmanship of the person who restored it. that is incredible. >> let's check in with sal. >> how is it going so far? >> well, right now we are off to a decent start and we are
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looking at the freeway and it looks great and it is not far from the carquinez, and showing you grand line road, it now has increased that time to 25 minutes on 508 coming out of the pass. 508 from high street is still 25 minutes. good speeds, let's go to steve. thank you, sal. >> good morning, we have mostly clear skies out there, a little cool for some, mild for others, next week, our for the cast models are looking the same. maybe we can take early march or are put theres a a warm,
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season and san francisco is only 35, oakland 25 and that's it, that is not much rain and we have a few days to ease into this a few high clouds and that's about it, it will be on mild to warm. >> and as far as any active weather, we have a chilly one and you can see after a warmer pattern after friday and saturday, hopefully some rain returns, 40s and 50s, we had napa airport, these high clouds not associated with much, overall, they will not be that bad today, and most locations
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will be 65 to 7. mind to -- 07, mild to warm, closer to the coast upper 60s for some errors and brentwood is in there novato, brentwood, even towards santa cruz, a little more for pleasanton and upper 60s and mostly sunny, the weekend looks good maybe into some increasing clouds by tuesday. buying one of its silicone dealers that with if -- allows you to use it and it's the only app that has a higher
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percentage. this morning profits fell during the last retailer, they earned 4.4 billion during that time but revenue fell 4 / 10th of a percent. also it check in on wal- mart, futures are point being to a much lower point and again it is the world's largest retailer but it doesn't go well for some of the other larger retailers. nasdaq and s&p 500 dropped as well. there is a new terror warning for the air lines, they plea of they should do another shoe point willing. what -- point -- shoe bombing. >> what happened inside this mississippi church that sent dozens to the hospital.
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. several water districts in the bay area are giving notice for when they might order water rationing. they could enact mandatory cuts after april 1st. san francisco will have a better idea and they are
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looking at april 8th to make a decision and contra costa county said their earliest start could happen in may. time now 524, googles high internet service may be coming to the valley. they have all been invited to talk about joining a project known as google fiber. fiber is 100 times faster than the existing broad ban services and right now it is only available in austin texas and in kansas city and kansas. however they were asked to submit other information that would make installing it possible. meantime, there is a new tactic trying to stop google, facebook and other high tech companies, the city approved that idea last month but critics have filed an environmental appeal.
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there is no word on when they could appeal it. and a bay wrap remember, the group's safe place organized an event and they shared stories about being injured battered. wrapper e .40 was also invited to talk about building healthy relationships and he has been building relationships and said communication is the key. >> you need to appreciate each other. [inaudible] >> now the organization's safe place is to create a teen who doesn't accept abuse in their relationships. and san francisco state is considering dumping it's long time mascot, the gator, who wants to get rid of it and the
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reason why. the men accused of severely beating san francisco giants' fan brian stow will be in court and we will tell you about the new developments regarding their plea. and if you are hoping to find out when to go, right now 608 is doing well, you should go hard or go home because it looks good. >> i like that sal. a lot of the high clouds, some temperatures are above average and we will tell you how it shapes up for the weekend. ♪
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. welcome back, we are live in san francisco, and we are at the scene -- it has happened again, another pedestrian accident is right where the camera is taking you. it is where another man was hit and killed just a couple of weeks ago. tara moriarty is there and she will tell you about these safety of features. thursday february 20th, i am dave clark. >> thank you for joining us, it is now 5308 and steve -- 5:30 and steve paulson has the weather. >> it is mostly clear, a little cooler for some, we will have a lot of high clouds and we are zipping on by and temperatures will be above average, average
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is on the high side and it will be a chilly morning for some. there are some near 50 and it looks like a warm eastern pattern after the weekend, let's hope so, but it is still 6 days off. 30s and 40s and 50s. half-moon bay is down to 41 and some areas are flirting with the other areas. rain in the pacific northwest, a lot of high clouds and we will go from mostly clear overall after this system goes by, it looks sunny going into the weekend. mild to high and here is 70 for some especially if you are starting out upper 60s inland 07 closer to coast and bay. and other areas not so much, let's start off with the bay bridge and yes, it is the
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time to go and if you can make it out there soon, still it is a 10 minute drive and that drive time will only be about 10 minutes. northbound 101 this looks good as you approach the 880 split. we have some traffic and we had such a big drive time and the drive time is 28 minutes from grand lean road to interstate 680 and 5:32 let's go back to the desk. the two men accused in the vicious beating of bryan stow will be back in the los angeles courtroom in just a couple of hours. janine de la vega is joining us live to tell us what may happen in court. good morning. >> reporter: this is where many of bryan stow's friends worked and they have been following his progress and they are
5:33 am
reporting the two suspects may plead guilty. they are accused of severely beating giants' fan bryan stow on opening day in 2011. bryan stow who is a father of two and used to work as a paramedic needs care for the rest of his life. the incident calls for law enforcement and city officials to beef up security and they are expected to tell the judge how the tragic beating has changed their lives. he celebrated his 40th birthday while still reef covering from his critical head injuries. they are charged with assault and inflicting great bodily injuries hey don't know what plea dash we don't know what will happen but a crew is
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expected in the 8:00 hour, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 morning news. time now 434, we are hearing from the mother of jahi mcmath since she was moved out of children's hospital. jahi mcmath's mother wrote a letter saying there are signs of optimism. she was declared brain dead since she had tons sill surgery in december. she was moved to an undisclosed care facility. in the letter jahi mcmath's mother wrote, despite what people say about my daughter being dead and how i must be ignorant not to get it, i can tell you she is in much better physical health and i see changes that give me hope. you can read the entire letter on our website, we have posted it there on the top story tab. police in san francisco are
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investigating another accident at a dangerous intersection in the sunset district. tara moriarty is there with what happened and what neighbors want in the area to keep people safe. tara? >> reporter: in exactly one week they will be sitting and talking with police as well as city leaders to discuss how to make this intersection safer. they want more folks to come to the forum to discuss the issue and in a most reason action, a man was hit while walking in the crosswalk. right during the evening rush hour, he was rushed to the hospital with a broken leg and he is expected to survive. the driver stopped and is cooperating with police. the accident happened at sunset, the same spot where eye zack was killed earlier this month. plans have been fast tracked
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but again it will not be installed to the end of 2015. there have been four pedestrians struck from 2005 to 2011 and now neighbors say it has to stop. there is talk much eliminating it and creating more trash so that people simply slow down. it is very dark outside but the light in the middle of the island, it started to flash but there was nothing along the roads which indicated you needed to come to a stop and a lot of the cars simply ignored it until they they were made more visible. >> well, there are new concerns about san francisco general hospital after an elderly woman was assaulted in an emergency room. mary perez was attacked by a man who was being transported
5:37 am
to a psychiatric unit. he began to beat her with an i- v stand. >> in a closed area, he took the iv stand closed the curtain and started doing what he did. >> this is just the latest incident at the psychiatric unit at the hospital. they reported 34 injuries and say staff diana wasserman-rubin a factor. >> another said that was not a factor. they confirmed talks are underway but says no deal has been reached as of yet. now a sale would affect thousands of employees which would affect 215 stores and some customers are worried less competition may mean higher prices. >> they are saving on food and gas and those are like every
5:38 am
day things you use. those are the savings they add up every month. they have struggleed to buy. safe way is the 5th largest employer here. police are asking for the public's help for smashing car windows with a golf club. it happened on the parkway. a witness to the van rich took these photos. somebody was seen driving away in a ford suv and anybody with information is asked to call fremont police. we have video on the attack of the punk ban. they began using pepper spray and pulling the trademark mass right in front of the olympic
5:39 am
ring in downtown sochi plaza. then they are seen whipping them. they called the attack very unsettling and said it is not an olympic matter. we will tell you the most current counts and if you don't want to know you can turn your head or turn down the volume. pal lean in is getting ready for the free skate. this is a photo of them in their yellow dresses in their short program and paul lena stunned many fans by placing 7th. now if you don't want to know again, united states in first place with 23 medals and they tied for second and north way has 2 metals and canada has 18.
5:40 am
well, there is a push to dump it and the school a the topped the mascot and they are looking at a design whip is more forward thinking and more sports oriented. we have a winner, a jackpot particular kept was sold in milpitas, and right now it is the center of national attention this morning. california is divided into six different states, the push to make it happen and how it was split up in the bay area. highway 24, as you drive. well, the weather is looking good nor now, we will get our day with temperatures near 70 degrees and we'll see if that lasts into the weekend.
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. time now 5:42 more deadly violence in ukraine, and a truce between the president and opposition leaders. this is key evan there are reports of 22 people killed today in clashes between police and protesters and as of this moment we don't know what triggered today's violence. now reporters at the scene said they heard gunfire and several demonstrators fell to the ground others were carried away on stretchers and the protest started in november when the ukrainian president reversed a decision with the european union and instead
5:44 am
turned towards russia. happening today, they are scheduled to hold a hearing on the ntsb plane crash. they are looking to whether it may have been a factor. both were trying to land at an airport in birmingham alabama. they are exempt after requiring a certain amount of rest. the department of homeland security may be planning shoe become a attacks on heading to the u.s. they are indicating terrorists may have been working on improved shoe bomb designs. they are expanding their use of swabbing which picks up explosive residue. >> since 9/11, they have kept
5:45 am
the homelands safe. it is believed the target would be departing from a foreign airport where they are not required to remove their shoes. san jose mayor chuck reid will deliver his final state-of- the-art address. and they are expected to talk about many topics including pension reform. now the mayor is being turned out of office because of term limits and this honors outstanding citizens for their community work. there is a long time debate over whether california should be broken up into two or three sectionels which is broken up into six states with the bay area. marin and sonoma would be
5:46 am
called north california and they are putting this proposal on a ballot and even if it passes it would meet stiff opposition in congress. interesting though. >> i would have to payout of state taxes working and living where i do. >> and your commute may get more expensive. >> they will charge me to cross state lines. >> between states i should say. now let's take a look at what we have, traffic is moving along well, car is facing the wrong way, west mount 580, it is not stop and go from the '69 0 interchange. and we are looking at less driving on highway 24, let's say you are going from walnut
5:47 am
creek, you will be moving there well. and there is only 6 days off and it sure looks like the end of march and i have seen a few miracle marches in my time and we'll time and we will say this is a timeline, everything is fine, everything looks good, sunday looks good monday looks good and increasing clouds come in wednesday, wednesday night, that is if this is 6 days out. then thursday friday and saturday, there that is what the fort the forecast models say. we need 36% for santa rosa, 35 for san francisco, 31 in oakland airport and only 2.6 7 inches since july 1st and we are way behind and running out of time. it looks good except for the
5:48 am
higher clouds, 30s and 40s on the lows, and we will have 60 to 65 and that's about where normal locations will be. the warmer pattern will take us to saturday, rain next week, again we hope, finance 50 in antioch, 50 in santa rosa and cooler at 43 degrees and a lot of high clouds, partly to mostly cloudy this afternoon, 27 up in tahoe and a couple much 30s in the area overall, after this ban goes through, the weekend looks mild to warm. many changes next week, some mild to warm, 70 for some, a little closer to the coast and bay, closer to 60 and 65, novato novato, oakwood, santa cruz, pleasanton, livermore,
5:49 am
mountain view, 67, mostly sunny and lots of sun, morning lows inland chilly and high cloud into monday and tuesday. thank you steve, the government announced new claims for unemployment, 33 6,000 filed and that's down about 3,000 from the week before streetcar close to what economists forecast and the report is little change in the job market and futures are reacting a little negatively to the news. gap will increase how it pays its workers and in june, they will earn $9 and that will go up to $10 a year later. they do not expect to raise prices. and they will not oppose to increase the federal minimum wage, 10 cents an hour and they are not supporting the idea and they came after they would
5:50 am
throw its waste behind this that pause they could increase spending and they are store. >> how one bay area shop changed the lives of the people who loved him. and if a woman is pregnant, this may also help save the lives of men.
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. i love my father so much, i know he is looking down on us. >> a candle light vigil is being held for a man shot by all meet county sheriff's deputies and they gathered to remember david goins. according to the sheriff's department they he attacked the police department with a baseball bat. family members say goins was in poor health and the use of deadly force was unnecessary. a man who saved a woman's life will be honored today. he was leaving the game when he saw a woman jump from the third deck of the coliseum, he tried to catch her but instead he broke the woman's fall with his
5:54 am
own body. he will be helped in a special ceremony. the people are being accused of misusing their money. the upscale area is near stanford university. they claim the home is financially in the red and they claim a breach of the contract and financial abuse of elders. they paid an entry fee with a promise they would be getting some of that money refunded. now at palo alto, they send it to the parent company with no promise that money would be returned. >> what happens if times get tough, they simply say sorry residents, we don't have the money to pay your escape. >> they are completely unfounded and we will oppose
5:55 am
that in court and we will be victorious. >> they operate 9 other facilities and they have the right to move money between the different locations. >> 20 were found for reportedly getting we certificate evocation cards and this does not require them to go to training. the unit representing them say they are surprised and disappointed by the company's actions. >> home pregnancy tests may also be able to diagnose prostate cancer. they are able to detect hcg which is a hormone suffered by men with testicular cancer. hcg is not there for all cancer
5:56 am
patients. >> many who have early testicular cancer do not have high enough values that can be home our pregnancy test. >> doctors say men should undergo regular screenings for prostate cancer. it is about childbirth and some top object from triggers are -- obstetricians are expected to give it naturally. instead they are waiting longer before ordering a c-section and they are investigated by two groups. they say c-sections are being overused. about one in three women in the u.s. gives birth by c-section. the purchase of a lifetime, somebody somewhere here celebrating, if they know, they bought the winning ticket, it
5:57 am
was sold in milpitas, will they claim the money today. plus the investigation into a hate crime on the campus of usc berkeley against one of their students. it is getting slower and some of the try teams are up and what about the weekend we could be on the warm side.
5:58 am
5:59 am
someone who bought a power ball ticket at this pill bid disas gas station is 425 million dollars richer this morning, we will tell you when na winning ticket was sold and what the lump sum pay out will be be. >> the men accused of beating brian stowe will be in court this morning, we will tell you expwowt the few developments regarding their plea. >> there has been another pedestrian accident at the same san francisco intersection where a man was killed just weeks ago, the ax being fast
6:00 am
tracked to keep this from happening again, ktvu channel 2 news continues. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now, this ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> good morning, we are outside a store in milpitas this morning because someone decided to get gas or maybe go inside that store and hey why not buy a power ball ticket and guess what? they hit that jackpot, alex savidge is out there talking about the winning numbers and maybe we will see, who knows, it is thursday, february the 20th, i am pam cook. >> i am dave clark and steve paulson has the forecast. >> cool, cold, mild, these clouds will drift over us so we will go from mostly clear to mostly cloudy, nothing organized, more of a nuisance, high clouds, chilly morning for some, high clouds but mild temperatures, upper 60s to near 70, a


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